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Survival of the Fittest

Are the bible and Evolution compatible?

Earth's Final Empire

An ancient dream reveals our destiny

Revelation's Sign Language

How can we understand the symbols in Revelation?

Revelation's Dragon

Where did pain, suffering, and death come from?

Revelation's Rapture

Will Jesus return secretly to snatch away His saints?

God's Law and Grace in Prophecy

Are the 10 Commandments still valid today?

Revelation's Sabbath Day

Does God still want us to keep one day holy?

Why Do Most Christians Observe Sunday?

$1 Million reward to find a Sunday text

Once Saved, Always Saved?

Can a saved Christian choose to turn away from Jesus?

Are the Dead Really Dead?

Or can they communicate with us?

Hellfire Truth Exposed

Are wicked people burning in hellfire right now?

Revelation's 1000 Years and Final Judgment

When and where will we spend the Millennium and what will we be doing?

Revelation's River of Life

Is Baptism really necessary?

The Anti Christ; A Positive ID

Understanding the Mark of the Beast part 1

The Mark of the Beast

Understanding the Mark of the Beast part 2

The Role and Personality of the Holy Spirit

Revelation's Final Approach

The role of the Holy Spirit in being ready