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Survival of the Fittest

3 Reasons to Trust the Bible over Evolution

Cameron was ridiculed in class by his teacher for admitting that he didn't believe in evolution. After his teacher recited several 'facts' that are used to support evolution, she asked, "Is there anybody here who doesn't believe in Evolution?" He and one other student raised their hand. With the acedemic advantage that only a teacher could have over a young student, she then proceded to make the two students feel really dumb for their beliefs. This is a very common occurance. Students that dare to dispute the claim that Evolution is fact have suffered ridicule and even worse. Evolution teaches that all living creatures are the result of common descent from a single-celled ancestor which lived billions of years ago. This is contrary to what the Bible teaches. Mainly because the Bible teaches that this world is about 6000 years old, not billions of years old. Is there evidence to support the Bible's version of a young Earth? Can we know if the Bible is a book that can be trusted? Lets begin this lesson and find out.

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