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Revelation's Sabbath Day

Does God still want us to keep one day holy?

It was the last patient of the day for our little physical therapy outpatient clinic in Northern California. Gavin, our boss, told us we could all go home a little early while he personally would take care of this last patient. Gavin took the patient into a treatment room, connected an electrical stimulation device to his back, applied a hot pack and set a timer for 20 minutes. Gavin told the patient, who was a California Highway Patrolman, that he would return in 20 minutes when the timer sounded. In the meantime, Gavin went across the hallway into his office and sat down to finish up his patient charting for the day. About 10 minutes later, when he finished all his charting, he stood up, got his coat and keys, went out the back door of the clinic, locked the door and got into his car and drove home. It wasn't until the next day when Gavin got to work that he realized that he had forgotten something very important. He had forgotten about his patient! Could it be that there is something that Christians in general are forgetting? Something very important, even more important than a physical therapy patient? Something that God wrote with His own finger and told us to remember? Lets study the Bible and find out.

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