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Revelation's River of Life

Is Baptism really necessary?

Perhaps the most beautiful and impressive display of all heavenly bodies in space, is the Orion Nebula. At a distance of about 1300 light years from earth, the Orion constellation can be easily seen with the naked eye. This nebula is huge. It’s estimated to be about 24 light years across, and is one of the most photographed and intensely studied features in the night sky. What makes this Nebula so interesting, are the awesome lights with mysterious blue, violet, red, and green colors found within. Another fascinating feature is the water. Orion's giant interstellar gas cloud contains enough water vapor to fill all the Earth's oceans sixty times per day. According to an article in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, these observations about water could provide vital clues to the origin of water in our own solar system. What makes all that incredible light in Orion? Where does all that water come from? You may be surprised to find out that Orion is actually mentioned three times in the Bible. Many theologians believe that Heaven, the place of God's headquarters, may be located somewhere just beyond the Orion Nebula. The Bible mentions blue, red, violet, and green, being part of the foundation of God’s holy city. Could it be that the glory of God is reflecting off the city's colorful foundations causing the amazing light show seen in Orion's Nebula? The Bible also mentions a river of life flowing from God’s throne. Could it be that the massive amounts of water detected in the Nebula are actually coming from this God's heavenly river? Water is critical to all life on earth. In this lesson, we’re going to study what the Bible says about water, and life, and just how important water is when it comes to eternal life.

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