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The Mark of the Beast

Understanding the Mark of the Beast part 2

The first time the Bible mentions a ‘mark’ is in the very first book of the Bible. In this story, the first two children born to Adam and Eve were asked to provide a sacrifice as an act of worship. They were told what kind of offering they were to sacrifice and just how to offer it. They were to bring a lamb and offer it as a burnt sacrifice upon an alter. Abel, the younger brother, did just as God commanded and brought a lamb for his sacrifice. But Cain, the older brother, decided he would bring something different. He decided to offer fruit instead of a lamb. After all, he was a gardener and the fruit was something he produced himself. Abel tried to explain to him that God’s word specifically required a lamb, not fruit. Cain did not want to hear Abel, and became angry with his younger brother. When God did not accept his offering, Cain rose up in his anger against Abel and killed him. The Bible tells us that Cain was cursed and that God placed a mark on him. The Bible doesn’t say that this mark was a visible mark, but rather a sign to others ‘lest any finding him should kill him’ (Gen 4:15). This story is all about worship. Two brothers were asked to worship God. God told them both exactly how they were to worship him. Abel did what God commanded, and God accepted his offering. Cain disobeyed God, and his offering was not accepted. Cain was cursed, but Abel, though he died young on this earth, was declared righteous by Jesus Himself. (See Matthew 23:35) The book of Revelation tells us that at the end of time there will be another mark given to those who choose to obey a man made law rather than God’s commandments. Revelation tells us that God’s obedient people will be persecuted because of their loyalty to God, and they will be urged to accept a mark as a sign of loyalty to a man made command. In the last lesson, we learned just who the Anti Christ Beast of Revelation really is. But what exactly is his mark? Let’s begin this lesson and find out.

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