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Revelation's Final Approach

The role of the Holy Spirit in being ready

On November 8, 2008, Jim O’Neill, age 65, was flying alone in his Cessna airplane at 15,000 feet over North Yorkshire, England, when he suffered a stroke. The stroke left Jim totally blind. He immediately radioed for help. His distress call was answered by Paul Gerrard who was flying nearby in a military training plane. Paul Gerrard flew his airplane within 300 feet of Jim O’Neil and established radio contact. Then, using a series of very carefully chosen words, he tried to guide Jim into maneuvering his plane down to the airport. Using words like, “Turn left...a little right...reduce power...10% flaps”, he skillfully guided Jim and his Cessna down onto the runway where he landed without any harm. What was it that saved Jim’s life? Jim was saved by carefully following word for word instructions. He followed exactly the instructions that he heard and he survived what should have been a fatal crash landing. Life for us here on earth is like a flight. The end of the world is like the landing. There may be a lot of hazards along our journey but the most dangerous part of our flight is the landing. What is it that can save us and ensure that we have a safe landing as we enter into our final approach? The same thing that saved Jim O’Neil can save us; that is, following word for word instructions given to us by God in the Bible. While on earth, Jesus told a parable about ten virgins. In that parable, He mentioned one thing that we absolutely need in order to have a safe landing and be saved at the end of time. It is the most important need for the Christian living in earth’s final moments. What is that one all important thing? Let’s begin this lesson and find out.

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