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Revelation's Sign Language

How can we understand the symbols in Revelation?

The Navajo are a Native American tribe of people living in southwestern United States who provided one of the special keys needed to help the United States win battles and eventually go on to win World War 2. The United States entered World War 2 just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. When they did, they discovered that their enemies could crack their coded radio messages and understand there battle field codes almost at will. The US troops desperately needed to find a new and unbreakable code. Convinced that nobody would be able to understand the Navajo language, the US Marine Corp turned to the Navajo reservation for recruits. In all, about 400 Navajo Code Talkers were recruited into the United States Marine Corp where they used their unique language to try and develop a simple yet unbreakable code that the Japanese would have trouble understanding. Subtle tones and complex structures make the Navajo language nearly impossible for outsiders to understand. On the battlefield it proved to be an unbreakable code. To confuse the enemy further, the Navajo Code Talkers played word games and used metaphores. For example, they used the Navajo word for potato when referring to a hand grenade. They used the word for hummingbird when referring to a fighter plane. These word games baffled the Japanese coders even more and eventually led to victory for the United States. Just as the Marine Corp used a secret code to help the United States win World War 2, the book of Revelation uses a secret code that helps the reader to understand special messages from God; messages that will lead the reader on to win eternal life. In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at that secret code and provide the keys to understanding the symbols and codes found in this amazing book. Let’s begin this lesson:

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Watch An Unbreakable Navajo Code