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Revelation's Rapture

Will Jesus return secretly to snatch away His saints?

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti...all these names have been given to a legendary ape-like creature. People who claimed to have seen it all describle the creature as being about 7-10 feet tall, covered completely in hair, stinky, and walking like a human. The Bigfoot sighting craze was made famous by filmmaker Roger Patterson in 1967 when he released a home movie clip that he filmed while camping in the Bluff Creek mountains in Northern California. The video clip shows a very tall ape-like creature walking through the forest that apparently is trying to get away from Roger Patterson. Since the film was released, there have been a large number of Bigfoot sightings reported all over the world. Because experts doubted whether the film was authentic or not, they gave Patterson a lie detector test. Supposedly he passed his lie detector test but then died just two years later. After his death, a man named Bob Heironimus reported that he had been hired to wear a Bigfoot suit while Patterson filmed him walking in the forest. The whole story was released in a book called The Making of Bigfoot. Did Roger Patterson really see a Bigfoot? Was Roger Patterson’s lie detector accurate? Is there any lie detector that is 100% accurate? The answer is, Yes, there is! It’s your Bible, and we’re going to use it to discover the truth about Revelation’s Rapture. Let’s begin this lesson:

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Watch Roger Patterson's Bigfoot sighting film